Curiosidades: Qué es una Concept Store?

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Curiosidades: Qué es una Concept Store?

Miércoles, 19 de mayo de 2010, por Susana    Jaen Lara

Y hoy entre puntada y puntada comentábamos…¿Qué entendemos por Concept Store?…

Entre las muchas definiciones que he podido encontrar sobre el término “Concept store” me quedo con esta:

“Describes a store which is identified by a special mix of brands and products. It’s a modern experience of shopping, always in motion and highly innovative. The store addresses particular groups of customers: e.g. luxury, – design-, streetwear-customers. They’ll find (all) the products, they identify with in one store. A typical mix of products and brands in a concept store would be: fashion, shoes, (home-) accessories, books/cd’s, cosmetics, food, toys, hardware for daily use. The range is wide and some stores even change theyrselfes and the products regularly, to stay flexible and surprising.
A concept store (for us) is NOT: classical departmentstore, mono brand (flagship) store, fashion boutique, furniture store, mall, etc.”

Recomiendo una que no es de las más afamadas pero es curiosa:  ”Louis Boston” (Boston, Ma, USA), su slogan me divierte:

Louis Boston Slogan

Louis Boston

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